My First Blog

This is my first blog i've ever created. Today I was a little bit in an exhaustion. Shop was packed from 7 onwards till midnight. Most of them were regulars. They normally come on wednesday or thursday. Maybe because of our couple of day offs which falls on mondays and tuesdays.

There's nothing much than the usual except for the rain. It rained since morning till around 9 p.m. And the weather, of course will remain the same till the end of the year, as most of us been told by the weatherman.

I got home after midnight. And after taking the shower, the newspaper will be the first thing to grab after the TV remote control. Watch the nightline news and at the same time reading the papers. How odd is that, huh...

Well, its not the news that i would be reading. It's the sales add, cartoons, jokes, puzzles, pictures here, there and everywhere. (The Star Metro, Section Two). As for the news, lets just say the TV is doing its purpose.

But as for today, December 13, is the day I created my own blog. Pathetic, right? You could say that! I was suppose to have my own blog years before instead of having stuff like Myspace right now. Very like high school. :)

I started making this blog at 1 a.m. and up till now, i have no idea, not even a clue how to do it...I just followed the steps. Very very typical! Muahahahahha..... LOL

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chapter 1 : Winter Spirit.....

I remembered the last two years when I was in Tehran for my winter holidays. I went from 12 December 2006 till 21st December 2006. I was so excited since it was my very first winter holiday and it would be the first time touching the show, ever!

I was in KLIA the night, the eve of 12 December. Our flight was scheduled at 7pm, time of departure aboard the Iran Air B-747. I was ready since 4pm when the three of us with our luggages. As son as we arrived at the airport, we went to the check in counter and straight after that to the 2nd terminal which is the international terminal.

Aunty's ex husband works at the airport as a somebody in the MAB. We waited at the lounge for an hour since we were quite early. After an hour so, it was time for us to be at the gates for the time of call has been made.

even though we're in the economy class, i felt very comfortable because there weren't many passangers on board. About half were occupied. "Well, here we go..... Winter holiday, here i come!!!" Plane left the ground at 7pm plus. "Bye malaysia!!"

i was lucky to have a seat just next to the window and just right after the wings, i could see what was right down there and see how the wing works. I have always loved to be seated next to the window and i could see the wings. he he he he... Dah berkali-kali pon tetap jakun!

So, the flight took more that 9 hours.

To be continued....