My First Blog

This is my first blog i've ever created. Today I was a little bit in an exhaustion. Shop was packed from 7 onwards till midnight. Most of them were regulars. They normally come on wednesday or thursday. Maybe because of our couple of day offs which falls on mondays and tuesdays.

There's nothing much than the usual except for the rain. It rained since morning till around 9 p.m. And the weather, of course will remain the same till the end of the year, as most of us been told by the weatherman.

I got home after midnight. And after taking the shower, the newspaper will be the first thing to grab after the TV remote control. Watch the nightline news and at the same time reading the papers. How odd is that, huh...

Well, its not the news that i would be reading. It's the sales add, cartoons, jokes, puzzles, pictures here, there and everywhere. (The Star Metro, Section Two). As for the news, lets just say the TV is doing its purpose.

But as for today, December 13, is the day I created my own blog. Pathetic, right? You could say that! I was suppose to have my own blog years before instead of having stuff like Myspace right now. Very like high school. :)

I started making this blog at 1 a.m. and up till now, i have no idea, not even a clue how to do it...I just followed the steps. Very very typical! Muahahahahha..... LOL

Thursday, November 27, 2008

300,000 KM!!!!!

Keta kancil dah 300,000 km!! Yeay!! Mula-mula beli keta ni dulu tahun 1998 August. so sekarang ni sah 2008 hich makes it 10 years old already. Tak sangka dah 300,000 km and alhamdulillah takde masalah yang serius. battery kong, drive shaft bunyi tu biasa la. janji tak pernah tersadai tepi jalan. Maybe, kalau ada rezeki lebih, nak tukar gak enjine sebab dah 10 tahun, walaupun running masih ok lagi, kita kena waspada sebab camner pon engine mesti wear out. kalau tak servive abes-abes, mesti nak tukar engine. point of tukar engine is kalau overhaul ngan new engine lebih kurang sama harga, so might as well tukar engine. leh power up sket keta tu. kan kan kan....

Tukar Rim :-)

Last week aku ke Batu Pahat sebab time cuti minggu tu aku tak ke mana-mana. Nak tengok wayang pon takde cerita sangat. So pegi la tengok-tengok rim kat kedai yang biasa aku pegi. Mula-mula tak nak beli, just nak tengok-tengok je. Tapi apakan daya, si Awie offer rim tu just RM250 je, so apa lagi, tolak la rim lama. tukar la yang ni plak. tak penah nak guna rim kaler gun metal so try je ler.Last week and the week before dah tengok Quantum of Solace. Dua kali, beb. maybe sebab cerita tu itself yang best, takpon sebab aku memang suka tengok James Bond. Hu hu hu hu.....

Friday, April 25, 2008


Last picture taken before i take away all my pierce. i got all 4; 1 on my right ear, 2 on my left ear and 1 under my lip.
So, bye bye my little silver pierce studs.
I did it all while i was in Singapore. Some of the photo shoots requires all the studs and earrings some of them didn't.
Well, it's time to let it go now. Hope this upcoming photo session, they'll trademark me as simple and clean cut guy.

My BMW E30

This is my ride. an E30 1984 in-6 cyl 2.0. Still in a good shape and i got it with the best deal i could ever had.
Value for money, so to say. I mean what else i coulda have, it's a classic and i tend to tame this guy as long as i can.
Normally those who have this, they have already changed to RB20 but i tend to keep the original engine cause it's still at its peak, so to speak.
By next year, i might be going to Putrajaya for a roadtax cut. They say.. vehicles over or at 25 years old are eligible for a road tax cut... i dunno how much but it seems a relief.