My First Blog

This is my first blog i've ever created. Today I was a little bit in an exhaustion. Shop was packed from 7 onwards till midnight. Most of them were regulars. They normally come on wednesday or thursday. Maybe because of our couple of day offs which falls on mondays and tuesdays.

There's nothing much than the usual except for the rain. It rained since morning till around 9 p.m. And the weather, of course will remain the same till the end of the year, as most of us been told by the weatherman.

I got home after midnight. And after taking the shower, the newspaper will be the first thing to grab after the TV remote control. Watch the nightline news and at the same time reading the papers. How odd is that, huh...

Well, its not the news that i would be reading. It's the sales add, cartoons, jokes, puzzles, pictures here, there and everywhere. (The Star Metro, Section Two). As for the news, lets just say the TV is doing its purpose.

But as for today, December 13, is the day I created my own blog. Pathetic, right? You could say that! I was suppose to have my own blog years before instead of having stuff like Myspace right now. Very like high school. :)

I started making this blog at 1 a.m. and up till now, i have no idea, not even a clue how to do it...I just followed the steps. Very very typical! Muahahahahha..... LOL

Saturday, December 29, 2007

X-Mas All Day Long

  • 10a.m. Bangun
  • 11 a.m. Mandi then breakfast
  • 12 p.m. Baca Star & tengok AFC
  • 1 p.m. Lunch
  • 2 p.m. Gerak ke Melaka
  • 3 p.m Sampai Melaka, Pify pon sampai around the hour
  • 4 p.m. Tea-break at Johnny's
  • 5 p.m. Window Shopping
  • 7 p.m. Snack time kat Puteri Ledang Spa & Cafe
  • 8 p.m. Headed back to Equatorial & masuk FLO, tengok show
  • 11 p.m. Abes show and balik
  • 12 a.m. Sampai Umah
  • 1 a.m. Tito.... Santa claus tak datang, prezen takde.. Hu hu hu hu

Johnny's Restaurant

On the night of Christmas, i was in Malacca for my day out and since it was my day off, Yeayyy!!!! Right after noon and after my lunch i headed to Malacca town.

The first place to crash was Mahkota Parade and Palawan Mall. I parked my car at the Equatorial Hotel. These three buildings are just next to each other so i don't feel the hassle of parking anywhere between these three buildings...
Just next year Carrefour will be opened. Now there's a few hypermarkets in Malacca popped up in this time of the year, it was like a race.. all at once!
Well, after some time of window shopping, my friend Pify came and joined the crusade. Hee hee hee... but then there's nothing much to buy cause i had mine already last week while i was in KL. Bummer!!! it was packed all the way till the night.
Me and Pify went for tea break at 4p.m at Johnny's Restaurant and after that we saw a Thai exhibition where there's loads of junks and crafts and there was food too!! i tried the Thai Otak-otak (great new taste) and pandan chicken and prawn fritters(nicely done)
Pic : Spinach noodles and BBQ sliced beef, Tom Yam Suop, Steamed Rice, Thai jasmine tea and Thai Chilli Sauce. (tea break la sangat ek)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bapak Selukut!

Fuiyyyyoooooo!!!!! Besar giler ikan selukut ni..... An Ney, nelayan dan supplier ikan kat kedai aku dan jugak kawan ayah aku waktu deorang sama-sama nelayan dulu. Ayah aku dah retire jadik nelayan sebab dah full time kat kedai Ibu. Dia ke laut just as hobby waktu hari cuti which falls on Mondays and Tuesdays. Most of his fishing time would be with his friends like 4-5 of them. Together in my dad's boat the go out at high tide. Dad has his own GPS device to guide then out there so they will always stay on the current route, the safest route cause high and low tide will make the route different. Well, he knows more than I do. He he he he.....
Semalam Si An Ney hantar ikan-ikan pari dan any ikan yang dia dapat untuk dijual kat kedai. Ikan selukut yang kat picture ni rasanya coming to 6kg. Memang besar. kalau masak asam pedas ni... Aiyohhhhh!!!!! makan ikan je la tak yah makan nasi. An Ney ni pemurah orangnyer. Selalu kalau ada ikan-ikan yang kecik tu yang dia tak leh jual, dia kasik je kat aku tak pon kat orang kedai aku ni..... Fresh beb. just a few hours je came back fom the sea. So puas la jugak aku ni jadik anak nelayan... makan ikan fresh-fresh je. kawan- kawan ayah pon selalu kasik ikan-ikan fresh kat family aku .... hu hu hu.... Alhamdulillah!!!

Yeay!!! Basri datang lepak kat sini...

Ni la kawan aku, Basri. Dia bisnes kat pasar malam in fact the whole family bisnes kat pasar malam merata-rata area muar ni. Dia, Maknyer, Abangyer, Akaknyer...... memang family dia couquer bisnes kain kat pasar malam. Kakak dia nye kedai lagi hebat, walaupon bukak kat pasar malam tapi dah cam rupa gedung pakaian, mostly everything ada. Yang cantik are selendang, tudung dan baju women daripada yang murah dan affordable sampai yang mencecah ratusan ringgit.
Malam tu dia datang dalam kol 11 lebih. Ok la jugak sebab aku dah relax sket, tak banyak kije nak dibuat. Just borak kosong dan plan nak kuar esok harinya. Biasanya planning outing aku pada sabtu malam Ahad (kekadang je dan kalau aku larat) dan selasa malam Rabu (ni pon kalau aku tak ke KL) Hu hu hu.... ni je la 2 hari outing aku... ngan two of my good friends kat Muar ni... Basri ngan Wak Lan. maybe gi karaoke then minum-minum kat warong Pak Atan sebab kat situ je yang foodnyer best gak la (oti canainyer) dan sebab dia tutup kol 4 pg.... after that kami head back home.... Zzzzz....


Al kesahnyer malam semalam, ada la customer maybe some outsiders datang ke kedai aku. nampak gayanya cam KLrean. Anyway who gives a shit who they are.
makan punya la banyak.... ikan bakar la, sweet & sour fish, sate, sotong dan segala. memang banyak la deorang makan..... masa deorang tengah makan, yang si papanye tu datang la kat kaunter seafood nak order lagi.
So dia amik la few big prawns. not just ordinary prawns bug king size XXL nye prawns. 5 akor je dah coming to 700 grams. A kilo would be RM45, so what he took came up to rm30++. Dia kata buat Tempura style....
So after my Dad menyiang the prawns, my cook fried the prawns and straight away sent to them immediately. Just then, deorang kata tak nak pulak. W T F?? Sesenang je ko nak reject?? Then buat muka seposen dan berkeras kata dia tak nak makan dan jangan masukkan dalam bill. Apa lagi... bengang la kitorang because if he did't want then he could just quickly say no before we cook for them. Most of our seafood is cooked upon request not ready made, (kalo ko nak just cedok je nah amik!!!) Kitorang tak buat gitu sebab tak fresh. So, go to hell la customer camni, tapi apa kan daya... the customer is always right, they say; tapi being a customer and sebagai orang melayu should be berbudi bahasa la sket, kan. Apa pon, malam tu aku la yang dapat makan udang tempura yang lazat tu. tapaukan masuk dalam plastic bag, bawak balik, on citer The Kingdom sambil makan...... bon apetit!!! Hu hu hu hu

Friday, December 21, 2007

Sunset di Bandar Maharani

Loveliest picture ever taken during sunset....
picture taken as at
07.06.07 07:24p.m.
Nice huh!!!.........

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Setengah Hari Ngan Pify...

Lepas je aku jejalan jap kat Midvalley, Pify pon sampai.... Dia tak masuk kije lagi untill early next year. So dia ada la free time. Aku message dia kata aku nak keluar shopping sempena Xmas ni. Pas je aku meet up ngan dia kat Midvalley pusing-pusing satu round, the kami ke The Gardens.
Kat Gardens kejap je. Aku cuma masuk Marks & Spencer beli few chocolates then balik semula ke Midvalley.. Kat Midvalley la baru start shopping semula. Aku beli wallet kat TopShop then tengok-tengok baju je. Tak banyak yang aku beli on Tuesday tu sebab on Monday aku dah beli macam-macam. Dapat la jugak beg from Primavera at 30% discount. Beg yang cam samseng letak kayu beluti tak pon letak sumpit, sepatah kata Si Eddy. He he he... Ye la tu Encik Eddy....
Then Monday tu jugak aku belikan my Mom jam kat City Chain untuk dia nye upcoming birthday next year. Tak la mahal sangat sebab kan sekarang ni tengah Megasale. Ada la discount 50%. Then apa lagik eh?? Oooo... dapat la jugak Beli C.K. nye undies 4 helai... Hu hu hu hu...

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell!!!

Wahhhhh... Xmas tahun ni cam meriah je... ngan sale nye sana sini... hu hu hu.... Semalam aku ke Midvalley. Sempat la nak snapshot few pictures to be uploaded in my blog.

Midvalley's very own deco is excellent and it's one of its kind. Orange is the main colour which differs from other places with Xmas typical colour which is red and green.

Apa pun, yang menggelikan hati were the Fairies yang dance berterabur.... Maybe deorang pinjam dancers OKU kot. Orang Kurang Upaya atau Otak Kurang Upaya. Aku rasa dua-dua leh diaplikasikan terhadap Fairy-fairy mengong tu.

I was at Midvalley the whole half day from noon till evening before I head back to Puduraya area. Not straight to the bus station cause i went to Petaling Street to check out new things and to buy a pair of spec itam... Rayban tu!!!! ngeh ngeh ngeh!!! Then lepak kat Starbucks kat pudu sebelum ke station for my 830 p.m. bus. Penuh!!! Nak beraya la konon orang-orang ni...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Taman Haku!!!!

Ni lah laman depan umah haku yang kecik je.... camner keciknya? 2 keta je leh park kat porch tu.... sebelahnya tu ... ini la tamannya... kecik je... just ada kosi batu, kolam dan sket carpet grass nak duduk-duduk tengok ikan dalam pond.. hu hu hu.... Dulu ada la 4-5 ekor ikan.... yang kecik2 tu, ikan Guppy namanya.. sekarang ni dah more than 30 hekor... ada yang kasik kawan sebab dah banyak sangat.. nanti mogok plak ikan tu kolam tu kecik je... yang paling besar tu female.. lain2 cam ikan emas 5-6 ekor besar2 tapak tangan...
Dulu al-kesahnya semua simen je sebab nak park keta satu lagi tapi bila simen je cam takde seri la.. so aku wat keputusan untuk buat taman tu kat sini jadik tak la cam kosong je laman depan umah tu kan... ada gak flora fauna...
So kekadang malam-malam aku pasang lantern tu dan lepak kat luar.... umah takde nyamuk.... kalo ada pon 1-2 ekor je.. pasang ubat nyamuk atau spray ridsect sket je dah ok....

Jom Buffet!!!

Last week, sunday tu aku ngan Iwan pegi la makan kat sini.... Hotel Classic, kat Center town Muar.

Ok la hotelnye ni... antara yang terOK kat Muar ni selain Traders hotel....
Harganya tak la mahal sangat... RM18.00++ je... memang OK sangat... Dulu masa Eddy datang Muar, aku ajak gak dia gi sini lunch...

Kalau tak silap aku la Trader Hotel tu yang kat sebelah KLCC tu kan.... yang kat muar ni hanya 3 star je Traders tu sbb kalo buat 5 star cam kat KL tu sapa nak dok... Muar ni bando kecik je.... 3 star nye bilik pon starts at RM120++, ni kan plak nak wat 5 star kat muar... hu hu hu...

Dulu masa cousin2 aku ramai datang dr singapore sampai umah pon dah tak muat, kitorang lepak la kat Classic.. OK sangat... Deluxe twin sharing pon baru je RM185++. Besar and ada bathtub yang gerek seh.... hu hu hu..... aku main bubble bath ngan nephew aku...

Apa yang aku makan???
  • Roast beef with sour dressing
  • Braised Chicken in Sweet soy sauce
  • Lamb stew
  • Salami sandwiches
  • Ikan bakar
  • Vanilla pudding
  • Mee Kari ( ni sedap suit!)
  • Chicken soup
  • dan yang lain lain hanky panky tu....

Chapter 2 : Cold Start!!!

sowi sowi sowi... hari tu takde masa la nak taip bebanyak... al kesahnya banyak kije la.. kalau cam hari tu tak banyak sanagt keije takpe la kan.. leh post bebanyak kan... hu hu hu

ok.. sambung sambung sambung....... Pas je took off, apa yang deorang buat?? makan!!! kat dalam airline tu makan makan makan je... ye la airline pak arab. tu je la kijenyer kalo deorang tak buat apa2. sebab tu la korang tengok badan pak arab camner kan.... semua batak-batak, boroi-boroi....

kat big screen depan nun ada la map showing route... biasa la kalau plane lama, takd individual screen ... sbb masa tu aku naik 747-400 je... compare kalo Malaysia airline tu cam advance sket la. apa pon ok je sbb dah aku dok economy class nak mintak memacam kang deorang campak aku kuar plane plak....

so pas je plane took off deorang buat u-trun then naik ke up north... lalu penang, then phuket then terus ke Indian ocean, paling cantik aku penah nampak is the indian ocean dan coastal area.. nampak la lampu2 halus2 sbb sky was very clear takde spot awan pon... at 30,000 ft you can see everything down there. cantik sesangat viewnyer...

rasanya dalam 9 hours flight tu makan dalam 6 kali... 3 heavy 3 light... dia punya light pon cam kita nye average heavy food. yang heavy jangan cakap la... memang heavy,,, biasa kan orang kata airline food semuanya kenit kenit tapi naik la airline pak arab, kenduri kawin kat atas tu... nak tambah ke atau mintak extra pon deorang kasik!!!! Best tu!!!!

kalau malaysia airline jangan harap nak mintak free lagik... kalo dok 1st calss tu leh la order lagi tapi amik la kau nanti bill credit card ujung bulan... hu hu hu... so kat atas tu, makan makan makan.... lamb la chicken la... tapi ikan tarak.. sbb pak arab tak makan ikan sangat... dah memang idup style padang pasir mana la nak nengok ikan... kan kan kan. Ikan tu orang kaya2 je yang makan.

so pas je lalu teluk benggal, indian ocean tu, masuk la ke mainland india.... cantik sebab nampak lampu2 je.. kan masa tu malam... dalam plane gelap je then deorang on movie... bahasa parsi!!! Apa kejadah haram pon tak paham.. walaupon ada subtitle english.... apa pon citernya muhsan... hu hu hu.. nasib baik aku bawak aku nye minidisc player... leh la aku dengar....

sepanjang dalam flight aku tak leh tito langsung.. memang aku ni dalam mana-mana kenderaan tak leh tito... ni plak 9 hours waktu malam.. aku tak leh tito lak tu.. uwaaaaaaa... nanti sampai sana pagi aku ngantuk laaaaaa......lantak la... bila lagi nak tengok view yang lawa kat luar tu kan.

pas je india the lalu la plak pakistan.... masa kat pakistan tu aroung kol 3-4 pagi dah.. nothing much.. lampu lampu pon tak banyak meaning takde sangat penempatan kat situ until lalu kat karachi... happening la jugak bawah tu... sebab city kan... then we went up north lagik sampai la border pakistan iran....

aku akan singgah kat tehran dulu tapi tak la terus stay kat sana.. kena amik small plane, Fokker... some sort of prop plane la... ke Isfahan...masa aku sampai je kat Iran it was -2 degrees celcius... beku beb... best bila ko breathe... ada wap.. hu hu hu since aku ni tak smoke.. terasa cam smoking plak... hu hu huhu cewah...

sampai je kat tehran international airport, kena tunggu about one hour sebelum ke isfahan... ramai orang pagi tu... al kesahnya, airport deorang memang selalu penuh sebab deorang ke sana ke sini naik plane sebab town to town jauh sangat2. tehran ke isfahan pon took bout 1 hour flight. cam KLIA ke Senai la...

kat imagration tehran tu, aiyoooo.. pompuan sana laki sini.. tak campor.... so blur gak la aku since aku gi ngan aunty aku je... dia tah ke mana aku tah ke mana... kalu ilang ni, melalak la aku,.,,, hu hu hu hu.... dah le deorang tu english pon tataw.. cam ayam cakap ngan itik ler... main signal tangan je cam orang bisu.. hu hu hu....

pas clear je semua tu.. naik la aku plane kecik tu ke isfahan... isfahan tu down part of iran... dah naik sket tempreture ke +2 degrees.... so snow tu tak nampak sangat compare to kat tehran...tehran tu about berapa ribu tah above sea level.... sebab tu sejuk dr isfahan. aku sampai kat isfahan about 9 a.m. waktu sana... sini ngan sana bezanya 4 hours.,.. ok la tu kan tak la cam kena time jack... kalo gi US maunyer beza separuh hari... kalo manusia yang cam robot tu yang dah memang set 8 jam tito, kena time jack, mati la!!! hu hu hu

flight yang 1 jam tu pon ada makan heavy jugak... memang makan makan makan.. tapi aku rasa perlu la sebab evvery 3 hours je aku dah lapar.... sebab sejuk bangat! kat isfahan tu cantik sangat sebab dia takde show everywhere just sejuk je... so banyak la bunga2 yang cantik. blue sky... matahari cam terik tapi tak sweat langsung.... 11 hari aku kat sana tak yah pon tukar baju.. sampai balik KLIA pon baju tetap bau dynamo!!

To be continued... Rilek la.. baru je 1st day nye holiday ni.... :D

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chapter 1 : Winter Spirit.....

I remembered the last two years when I was in Tehran for my winter holidays. I went from 12 December 2006 till 21st December 2006. I was so excited since it was my very first winter holiday and it would be the first time touching the show, ever!

I was in KLIA the night, the eve of 12 December. Our flight was scheduled at 7pm, time of departure aboard the Iran Air B-747. I was ready since 4pm when the three of us with our luggages. As son as we arrived at the airport, we went to the check in counter and straight after that to the 2nd terminal which is the international terminal.

Aunty's ex husband works at the airport as a somebody in the MAB. We waited at the lounge for an hour since we were quite early. After an hour so, it was time for us to be at the gates for the time of call has been made.

even though we're in the economy class, i felt very comfortable because there weren't many passangers on board. About half were occupied. "Well, here we go..... Winter holiday, here i come!!!" Plane left the ground at 7pm plus. "Bye malaysia!!"

i was lucky to have a seat just next to the window and just right after the wings, i could see what was right down there and see how the wing works. I have always loved to be seated next to the window and i could see the wings. he he he he... Dah berkali-kali pon tetap jakun!

So, the flight took more that 9 hours.

To be continued....

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Solar Cutie!!!

Cantik tak patung ni??? tak gunakan battery pon, hanya guna solar energy.
Dah lama sebenarnya aku nak sangat beli benda alah ni sebab unik dah tak payah la nak beli beli battery nanti, kan.
Just letak je kat bawah lampu atau kat ngan tingkap as long as ada cahaya matahari.
Then benda alah tu angguk-angguk la kepalanya. Looked very much alive bila ia bergerak. He he he he...
kalau ada Pickacu tu cam kaku je tapi yang ni moving all the time as long as there's sunlight.
I bought it for RM19.90 tapi Alex, kawan aku yang kerja kat Living Cabin tu kasik discount guna staff ID dia.

So dapat la 10% discount. RM17.90 je.
OK la tu kan sebab kat KL tu aku nampak benda yang sama at RM34.90. Double la.... Ada berbagai-bagai lagi pattern nyer... Ada yang dalam tub mandi, ada yang tengah berak dok kat jamban. Tak senonoh.... Ada yang tengah standing hayun-hayun tangannya.... masing-masing ada price yang tersendiri. yang nampak complicated tu memang la up sket harganya. Yang aku beli ni just yang simple.
Apa pon, i felt great sebab benda yang aku nak sangat beli dapat discount lagi. Yeayyy!!!!!

Flora Flora Flora

Ini la taman mini yang kecik kelemut depan umah tepi pintu tu. Hu hu hu hu...
Blinder tu rembat bilik atas nye, kayu tu amik kat depan umah, lantern tu beli kat Ikea, pasu tu Ibu beli kat kedai bunga dan pokok-pokok tu kawan Ibu yang kasik.
So, aku la yang menggubahnya.
Cewah nak buat style Bali la konon tapi tak cukup kayu kayan. Ngeh ngeh ngeh. Kalau malan senin ngan malam selasa, boleh la lit up the candle dalam lantern tu... okeh la jugak rupanya bila gelap kan.
Apa pon, umah aku kecik je so kena la ngan gubahan sebegini.

Welcome Home!!!

My brother just came back from KL. he got home at 4:40 this morning. He was so sleepy, he sped up the kancil at 160 km/h. He he he...
OK, the kancil had been tuned up a few years ago. It was tested to go up till 165 km/h and it was outmetered. Yeay!!
Yea yea with the speed, it's dangerous all right and i told him never to go to that speed again.
I went out with him this afternoon for his smoking session. He wouldn't dare to smoke at home, not in front of Ibu. He said maybe a couple of months ahead that he himself will tell Ibu.
Do you think that she doesn't know about this, i mean at this time?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Chicken Chop...

Menu western kat kedai tak la banyak sangat sebab lebih banyak seafood untuk dihidangkan dan dah memang trademark kat JT tu ialah seafood.
tadi ijam buat chicken chop ni, sebelum hantar kat customer sempat tu amik pic. hu hu hu...
Western dishes ni tak susah nak buat, tapi orang malas nak buat. sebabnya bahan-bahannya. lagipon, orang kita ni tak sangat-sangat la nak makan western ni selalu kan, lebih-lebih lagi kat Muor ni.
paling demand ialah seafood sebab boleh dipelbagaikan cam masak sweet n sour, 3 rasa, berlada dan lain-lain.
Al-kesahnya minggu lepas ni, ada la sowang pakcik datang ke kedai. masuk je parking kat area depan kedai tu, nampak muka dia blur blur. takpe la.... maybe dia ingat kedai kita ni kedai cina ke kedai melayu ke, dah open ke belom ke. kan kan kan...
Dia pon kuar la dan walk towards Abg topek (Chinese mualap) (patut la pakcik tu blur pikirkan dia nak tanya orang cina la kononnya) He he he he...
Dia pon tanya, "Dik, pakcik ni dari KL, nak tanya ni, Muar kat mana?" Ijam dan Abg Topek kaku dan otak cam kena kejutan letrik je.. buzz buzz buzz.... Tolong!!! Short circuit la pale hotak camni.... Orang Kl pon tataw muar ni kat mana, sedangkan dia tu drive.
Aiyoh... camni nye kes pon ada ke?? Ermmmm Ijam ngan Abg Topek tataw nak kata apa. Abg Topek,"Abg... ni la bandar Muar kalau nak tahu" Pakcik Blur," OOOooooo Haaaa yeke?? sampai dah pon!"
Lantak ko la Pakcik oi... hu hu hu

KL Motor Show '06

Tahun lepas, aku ngan adik aku Iwan dan jugak sepupu aku dari Singapore yang datang bercuti kat sini, Aslam pergi ke KL International Motor Show.
Ingat datang kol 9:30, orang tak ramai lagi, tapi ampeh. Dah berduyun-duyun orang menunggu kat ticket booth. Tapi takpe, Alhamdulillah dah selamat sampai dan tak sabar-sabar lagi nak masuk tengok keta-keta yang best.
Apa pon, most of all, it was OK. Lagi hebat sebenarnya tahun 2004 nye exhibition. Overall, puas hati la sebab dapat banyak freebies. Dapat jumpa ngan Juliana Banos. Minah tu kan dah kawin ngan tokeh Mutiara Motors. Jadik la dia model untuk jual keta laki dia. Hurrrmmm...
Citer pasal keta ni, untuk birthday aku tahun ni, ayah kesik Honda Accord dia as prezen. hu hu hu... Keta tu memang la dah lama. Sama umor ngan keta Kancil yang aku pass kat Iwan. Dah 9 tahun coming to 10 years by August 08.
Biasa la, kelau keta lama ni, maintenance engine tu banyak la kan. Tu la yang aku buat poll if you guys ada opinion. Mula-mula, nak tukar engine Prelude 2.2 V-TEC tapi pon nanti nak maintain tu yang parah tu sebab V-TEC kan. Everything nak keep up to performance,kalau tak, tak blah la keta tu kan. Second option is maintain honda tu the way it is... everything by standard je tapi carik satu K-Car (keta kecik ler tu) tapi kena maintain dua-dua. Hu hu hu.... Ibu cam bising sebab nanti nak letak mana lagi keta ni. Compound umah sekangkang kera je. Keta ayah lagi, tambah aku nye 2 bijik.. nanti Iwan balik lagi sebijik... hew hew hew...
Third option, jual keta Honda tu dan amik Neo. Kalau aku amik option ni meaning aku amik loan about 20K lagi. Fourth option is trade in Honda dan amik Merc C200 tahun 99 which aku tambah cikit je duit lagi, maybe around 5k tapi nanti kena buat restoration and i have to add another 5k which comes to a grand total of 10k. Aku suka giler design c200 '99 tu. Very sporty. Tu yang pening menjelang 2008 ni. Muahahhahha... InsyaAllah...
InsyaAllah awal tahun depan nak buat decision ni. Pening Pening Pening.....

Jokes Galore!!!

70 yr old man asks his wife "do u feel sad when u see me running behind young girls?"
Wife replied "No not at all, even dogs chase cars but they can't drive it"

A young Chinese girl going on her 1st date.
Her mother warned her...."1sthe kisses your cheek; then he'll kiss your breasts, you'll enjoy; than he want to go on top. You must not allow it so as not to disgrace our family name.
"Next day girl told Mom, "Everything happen exactly as you predicted. Ididn't allow him to go on top so I went on top and disgraced his family"

A white couple had a black baby....The husband doesn't believe that it's his baby.
Husband: Why the baby black?
Wife: U hot, I hot, baby burnt..!

Wife: "Honey, what are you looking for?
'Husband: "Nothing.
Wife: "Nothing? You have been reading our marriage certificate for an hour?
Husband:" I was looking for the expiry date!"

Boy: Mom, why am I black and you are white?
Mom: Listen Son, considering all the crazy things I did years ago, you should be thankful that you are not barking!!!

Jalan Jalan Mari Makan.....

Mari-mari.... pilih ya Akak....
Haaaa amik ikan, letak kat sini pastu gi tahu nak masak apa eh, Bang.
Boleh masak Masam manis, 3 Rasa, Kukus, Asam pedas, Goreng berlada, Bakar pon boleh.

Kerang boleh rebus atau goreng berlada, Lala boleh masak cili berkicap..
Sotong cili ke sotong goreng tepung??
Nak buat berapa orang nye makan eh, Kak??

Sate pon ada, makcik...
Nak sate ayam ke lembu??
Nak buat ayam berapa, lembu berapa??
Ketupat nak tak?? Berapa biji nak??
Ketupat satu 50 sen je, makcik...

Mat Rempit!!!

Al-kisah, dulu aku cuma ada lesen D je. Setelah sekian lama tu, terasa pulak lesen motor tu perlu dan penting dalam masa-masa kecemasan. Ye la.. mana la tahu kan, at least kalau perlu bawak moto to, tak la takut-takut sebab dah legal kan. Aku pon sekarang dah ada lesen D ngan B2.
Tahun lepas la berlaku incident ni. Tetiap pagi aku bangun awal, alasannya nak gi jogging. Sampai je rumah kawan aku, terus aku salin baju. Mestilah.... baju collar tuck in tu wajib sbb gi center tu nak belajo. lepas je seminggu belajar, aku dah ready untuk test. lagi la awal aku bangun masa hari test tu. Kol 630 aku dah kuar rumah sebab tempat test tu kat Tangkak. About 45 min jugak la dari Muar town ke sana. Alhamdulillah, sekali jalan je, everything lulus. Yeayy!!!! Aku pon balik rumah cam budak dapat 5A dalam STPM. He he he he... Lama aku simpan rahsia ni. Sehingga lah selepas 2 minggu, aku beritahu Ibu yang aku dah ada lesen moto dan amik tanpa consent dia. Apa lagi, berperang beb. seminggu tak bercakap. Hu hu hu. Tapi apa pon, lepas dengar explanation aku, dia pon OK tapi aku ni pon kekadang menggatal gak nak pinjam moto kawan rayau sana sini. Ye la.... kan dah ada lesen, so takkan nak curik curik bawak moto kan. Ngeh ngeh ngeh... Yeayyyyy!!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Starbuck's 2008 Diary

Ada lagi 8 sticker perlu aku kumpul...
Setakat ni aku baru je collect 11 sticker beverage dan 1 sticker meal.
Jarang pergi minum kat sini, 2 kali seminggu atau seminggu sekali je. Kalau PDA tu ada battery juice yang banyak then ada la chance nak lepak sesowang lelama sambil YM hu hu hu...
Crew kat sini dah kenal kat aku so dapat la Frappucino yang lazat sebab semuanya double dosage... heh!


Building character when the sun is shining isn't much of a big thing, getting better in life when storms are brewing, now that's testament to personal growth.
It is like being caught in a time-loop of sorts. Everywhere I go, folks are talkine abiut how the year has passed us by and preety much it will end soon nonetheless. i for one do not share this sentiment for there is still a long way to go down that road.
For me personally, 2007 has been a horrid year full of sacrifices, heartaches, letdown, backstabbing and plain old fashioned bad joojoo. But as one who always strive for the sliver in the silver clouds, i do feel a little proud of myself that i'm still standing.

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Never look back to those who do you bad bad things. Forgive them but then never forget what they did to you for they will do the same thing again to you.
As for me, i will spend the rest of my life with my loved ones. Friends can always be like an angel but at the same time, there's the devil inside them. Trust them, just don't trust the devil inside them. i always remind myself about this always. It'll help, sometimes. Trust yourself. Amin

Biskut Raya 2007

Ini la kuih raya yang originally aku buat. Hu hu hu hu.,.... Nama nyer?? Hurrmmmm Biskut Sukati Aku La Apa Aku Nak Letak dalam singkatannya Biskut Sualaanatak.

Bahan-bahnannya: Tepung, butter, gula, susu cair, self raising flour, choc rice, nestum, oats dan garam cket. Leburkan segala dalam mixing bowl. tak yah la sukat2. asal dough dia tu tak cair cam air ujan dan tak keras cam batu tu, kira ok je la.

Pastu, lantak la nak wat shape camner pon. nak camtik, it is reccomended cam pattern loket Habib Jewels, nak makan pon cam sayang je tapi sebab aku malas, pattern bulat-bulat taik anak lembu tu jadik la.
Janji rasa ok. lagi sedap dunk kat dalam susu. Cewah cam Oreo la konon. Sukati la kan. Kalo makan pastu minum susu tu sama gak la... celup biskut tu dalam perot.

Old Street Kopitiam Jalan Ampang

Ini la my cuzs Aril dan Kak Chik. Mana Abg Akir?? Hurrrmmm... Dia tak masuk picture la... Asyik bz ngan PDA nyer. Anyway, Abg Akir suka bawak kitorang lepak kat sini kalau malam-malam. Dia suka makan mee kari kat sini pastu makan oti bakar lak. Si Aril yang botak ni la sepupu Ijam, 2 tahun muda. Kami dulu ke sekolah sama-sama. Tapi lepas je habis tingkatan 5, dia terus balik ke KL. jadi, tinggal la Ijam ngan Iwan je kat Muar ni.
Kak Chik ni plak, Abg Akir nye wife. memang orang Ampang asalnya. happening orangnye bila ada gossip terkini dan terhangat, terhangit ataupon suam2 je. Apo pun dio cito jugak.
Biasa la... kalau lepak kat umah Abg Akir je, malam je mest ada sesi pillow talk ngan Kak Chik. Hu hu hu... Dia tu serba tahu je apa-apa yang happening around us. Abg Akir pasang-pasang telinga je bila kami berdua pillow talk. Ngehehehehhehe...

Sungai Muar

Sungai Muar which streches out to the Straits Of Malacca is one of the many landmarks in Bandar Maharani. At this time of the year, most people come by the river banks to fish for udang galah. As for me, it's easy because i could always fish by the jetty. Mom's warong is at the jetty just beside the Sultan Ismail Bridge which is known by locals as Jambatan Muor (Muar lah) He he he he....
Dad's fishing boat (tongkang) is parked just beside Mom's warong. Easy for him to dock the boat at anytime no matter how high or low the tide. Dad goes out to fish during off day whis is on every Mondays and Tuesdays. Before Mom opened the warong, dad goes out to fish cause that was his job right then. Now, he goes out fishing as his hobby withhis friends. Well, dear friends. you guys are more than welcome to come to my place here in this humble town, Muar. Remember mee bandung, satay in the early morning, mee rebus and apam Jepon!

My Shoes!!!

I have always been crazy when i come across any shoes in the stores. Some poeple collects CD albums, key chains, sea shells, action figures and stuff... But for me, SHOES. Currently I have 29 pairs of shoes and 5 pairs of slippers and sandals. Most of the are Pimavera, Zara, Puma, Timeberland, Converse, Nike and Adidas to tag a few.
They are not expensive at all for i usually buy my shoes during sale period. I'll grab anything that goes 50% or best buy items. It saves me a lot. But best of all, last week i just got myself a great deal when i got a Primavera Shoes which actually cost RM289, but I got it just for RM49.95. Lucky huh?!!!