My First Blog

This is my first blog i've ever created. Today I was a little bit in an exhaustion. Shop was packed from 7 onwards till midnight. Most of them were regulars. They normally come on wednesday or thursday. Maybe because of our couple of day offs which falls on mondays and tuesdays.

There's nothing much than the usual except for the rain. It rained since morning till around 9 p.m. And the weather, of course will remain the same till the end of the year, as most of us been told by the weatherman.

I got home after midnight. And after taking the shower, the newspaper will be the first thing to grab after the TV remote control. Watch the nightline news and at the same time reading the papers. How odd is that, huh...

Well, its not the news that i would be reading. It's the sales add, cartoons, jokes, puzzles, pictures here, there and everywhere. (The Star Metro, Section Two). As for the news, lets just say the TV is doing its purpose.

But as for today, December 13, is the day I created my own blog. Pathetic, right? You could say that! I was suppose to have my own blog years before instead of having stuff like Myspace right now. Very like high school. :)

I started making this blog at 1 a.m. and up till now, i have no idea, not even a clue how to do it...I just followed the steps. Very very typical! Muahahahahha..... LOL

Monday, January 4, 2010

Genting during Xmas

Tralalalala..... Hahahaha... few days sblm Xmas sempat jugak naik Genting masa nak hantar Meow2 balik... Cantik deco Xmas Genting....
Tapi biasa la Genting time-time festive season ni. Orang dah cam semut kat gula-gula Hacks. Aku rasa cam nak membedok je sekor-sekor yang menghalang lalu lintas.
Kalo nak jalan tu jalan lah.. ni boleh ke pas je turun escalator tu leh terpacak tataw mana nak pegi; kiri ke kanan ke nak patah balik ke.
Time masa kat tu katanya ramai guests from China... biasala ngan slang RR nyer tu.. mmg leh spot the diffrence between local and from mainland, of course.
However, aku lepak kat sana jap je sblm aku head balik ke KL since ada kije nak wat malam tu.
Nak tak nak by 7pm nak kena gerak la, if nit tak sempat for meeting... Nasib baik meeting tak la formal so pakai sempoi-sempoi je pon dah ok la kiranya tu.... From my point of view, Genting tu ok kalau tak sesak sangat, sebab kalau da sesak sangat dah tak enjoy padahal situ tempat untuk kita holiday. Nak expand? maybe in another 100 donkey years agaknya... huh uhuhu....